Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Admiral's Row to be demolished

The Civil War era Admiral's Row officers quarters, which have been allowed to decay and fall into ruin, will soon be demolished. A supermarket and parking lot will take their place. This depressed area needs a supermarket, but the City's inability to see the history and beauty in Admiral's Row is yet another sorry loss. Thanks Bloomie. Take a long last look...


cityofstrangers said...

Hi - I just rode by these houses yesterday. In all my years in Brooklyn - many of them in Fort Greene yet - I never noticed these neglected mansions down at the bottom of the hill. What a loss.


Peter said...

Beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing.

Lady M said...

Beautiful photos!
It's amazing place.

Susan Campisi said...

What a shame! Wonderful photos. Too bad the city can't incorporate this building into the store somehow. Isn't there a need for offices?

Anonymous said...

Wow! As an Australian, these are the sort of things people like to see in your country, particularly restored. With a ho-hum factor of 100%,supermarkets and parking lots can be seen anywhere in the world. Such wonderful photographic opportunities these historical buildings have provided. Certainly don't feel inclined to take my camera to an American mart or parking lot!

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Lydia said...

Very sad to learn about this. Thank you for the beautiful images of them. And the trees...what is to happen to the trees? (I think I know.)

Toyin O. said...

These are great shots Ken! Just also wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and your gracious comment.

SW:TOR Holocron said...

It's sad that they don't see the value in these monuments. I wish human beings weren't so damn stupid.

Marcel said...

What a pitty! America should cherish it's history. When it's gone, it's gone...

Anonymous said...

I hope they will save that beautiful cast iron parts of the buildings!
Good photos!

Anonymous said...

In this situation it is hard to choose what gets to stay. An old falling apart building or a much needed supermarket.

Cinthia said...

Ohhhhhh, but it's wonderful.....;))..

Catalina Ginard said...

Magnífico lugar, cuantos rincones para fotografiar...un saludo.

Anonymous said...

this is a blog mmmm

themajessty said...

it's beautiful!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

How wonderful that you have preserved just a bit of this history through your blog. I am sure that by now the supermarket has been built and how sad that it trumped the historical significance and beauty of Admiral's Row.

I have enjoyed reading back through each of these posts.


Françoise said...

Comme dans tous les pays du monde le profit prime avant la sagesse .Un super marché , sans doute sera t-il très utile mais espérons qu'il y aura quelque part sur cet édifice un rappel sur l'origine de l'ancien bâtiment.
Bonne journée.

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